Transition Letter

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Dear Parent(s) and/or Guardian(s) of our Bok Academy North Scholars,


Thank you for your patience as we have diligently worked to make the best decisions for our students. As you are aware, our eight (8) classroom complex suffered damage, which caused a relocation of our 6th-grade students to Janie Howard Wilson, leaving our 7th and 8th-grade students on our current campus. During this time, the building was inspected and tested. (Please see the test results: below in the documents library). After reviewing the report and inspecting the condition of the 8-classroom modular facility and what it entails to correct the listing of issues, it has been decided that the best course of action is to allow the 6th-grade students to remain at Janie Howard Wilson until the new construction is completed for the two-story educational complex. The7th and 8th-grade students will remain on the main campus of Edward W Bok Academy North. The estimated completion of that construction is January/February 2023. This move for the 6th-grade students will still allow the students to remain with their original teachers and schedules.


To support Bok North during this transitional time, the Lake Wales Charter System’s Transportation Department will provide transportation for students to attend their keystones. In order to accommodate the 6th-grade walkers and car riders of Bok North and to assist in eliminating the high traffic at Janie Howard, starting Tuesday, October 18, 2022, the transportation team will transport car riders and walkers from Bok North to Janie Howard Wilson. Parents who normally transport their students by car will have their students at the Bok North Car rider area by 8:30 am. Bus 1873 will arrive at 8:45 am and depart from the bus loading area at Bok North at 8:50 am. Bus 1875 will arrive at 8:55 am and leave at 9 am. Students will be released in the car rider zone in front of the Janie Howard Wilson where they will be greeted by a Bok North staff member.


If a 6th-grade student has Art, Spanish, or Agriculture for their 1st period, they will report to Bok North to attend the first period on the North campus. The chart below demonstrates the shuttling of students from both campuses for their Keystones.

Bus Shuttling Schedule for Bok North and Janie Howard Wilson


Janie Howard Wilson (JHW)

Bok North


6th Grade 1st Period Art, Band, Period Spanish begin at North.


6th Grade Art, Band, and Spanish return to JHW.
2nd Period 7th and 8th grade Agriculture students travel JHW.


2nd Period Ag students return to North with 6th grade Art and STEM students for 3rd period.


6th-grade Art and STEM students return to JHW with 7th-grade 4th-period Agriculture students.

6th Grade Band and Art students travel to North for 4th period.


6th-grade Band and Art students return to JHW with 7th-grade, 5th-period STEM students.

6th grade, 5th period Art students travel to North.


6th grade 5th period Art students return to JHW.

7th-grade STEM students return to North.


7th and 8th grade Art students travel to JHW. 7th and 8th grade Art students will return to North on

bus 1868.

6th-grade Color Guard and Spanish students travel to North.

Coach Stoudemire will be teaching Outdoor Leadership and PE on the North Campus for all 7th and 8th-grade students. Coach VanGundy will be teaching Outdoor Leadership and PE at Janie Howard’s campus.


The drivers will remain on campus throughout the day. For dismissal, buses 1873 and 1868 will be on-site to transport car riders and walkers to Bok North. The drivers will pick up in the car rider zone in front of Janie Howard Wilson and drop off at the Bok North bus loop. Bok North car riders will report to the car rider area at that time for regular pick-up.


Again, thank you for your patience and understanding.
Donna M Drisdom, Principal