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Lake Wales Charter Schools Superintendent Search
Superintendent Search Committee

To All, The Board of Trustees met Wednesday (9/8) and approved two important, and what have come to be controversial pieces of business concerning the search for a new superintendent. The first was the approval of a one-page summary of the "forum meetings" that were held for students, Charter School employees and community members. It seems that the content of this summary is in question by those who attended these meetings, and not representative of what they felt was shared and offered by the participants. The second was a decision to temporarily pause the national search for a superintendent in favor of a more local approach. If a qualified local candidate was not found within a few weeks, then the national search would continue. This decision has proven to be a divisive proposal.

Mon Sep 13 03:10 PM

Covid Update

Our board-approved procedures state that your student may continue to attend school during the quarantine period, as long as they do not develop symptoms, but will be required to wear a mask for 10 days following their most recent exposure. You may also choose to keep your child at home for the quarantine period to monitor for symptoms and work will be provided to your student.

Fri Aug 20 02:40 PM

Lake Wales Charter Schools logo
LWCS Superintendent Search

The search for the next Superintendent of Schools for the Lake Wales Charter is well underway.

Tue Aug 17 11:07 PM

Seamless Summer Option

Lake Wales Charter Schools today announced an amendment to its policy for serving meals to students under the Seamless Summer Option program (emergency feeding) for the 2021-22 school year. All students will be served lunch and breakfast at no charge at the following sites: Polk Avenue Elementary, Hillcrest Elementary, Janie Howard Wilson Elementary, Dale R. Fair Babson Park Elementary, Bok Academy, Edward W. Bok Academy North, Lake Wales High School, and Victory Ridge Academy.

Mon Aug 09 01:13 PM

School Orientation Ad
School Orientation

6th-grade students will meet at Kirkland Gym for a general meeting and to receive their schedules after the general meeting in Kirkland Gym. <a href=''>free background photos from</a>

Fri Jul 30 04:08 PM

Friday T-Shirt
Friday T-Shirt Sale

On Saturday, July 24th Friday t-shirts will be on sale, for $10.00 each.

Tue Jul 20 09:14 AM

Edgenuity Logo
Edgenuity Summer Courses

If you received a call out or a call from Bok North regarding the summer program please click the link above for move information.

Wed Jun 09 04:30 PM

Device Collection

Device Collection will begin on June 2.

Thu May 20 11:51 AM


$500 Reading Scholarships for Struggling Readers Grades 3 - 5.

Wed Apr 28 04:15 PM