Educating Renaissance Thinkers for the Digital Age


The mission of Edward W. Bok Academy North is to create, engage, and empower critical thinkers with an intercultural view of the world. Knights will be open-minded, risk-takers who are reflective in their inquiry of knowledge-making impacts as lifelong learners.


Edward W. Bok Academy North Scholars will be principled leaders that thrive through holistic education and will continue to build capacity and commitment for the value of service locally and globally.


I am an intelligent and focused scholar.
My destiny is in my hands.
I will overcome all obstacles which stand in my way.
The decisions I make today will affect the rest of my life.
I will have respect for myself and others.
I will also set a good example for my peers.
I will model integrity and high moral standards.
Education is my ticket to success.
I will utilize every day given to me to the fullest,
realizing I will never have another opportunity to repeat today.

Right here, right now -- I seize this day!

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Transition Letter

Update Letter from Donna M Drisdom, regarding the Janie Howard Wilson transition and transportation for 6th grade walkers, car riders, and Keystones.

Fri Oct 14 07:52 PM

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So many reasons to choose Lake Wales Charter Schools "Edward W Bok Academy North seeks to hire and retain quality teachers who posses a broad knowledge of their subject matter, but those who collaborate, create, engage and empower critical thinkers with an intercultural view of the world." - Donna Drisdom

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Annual Parent Survey

Thank you for completing our annual parent survey. The survey will close on November 18th. Follow this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/GFD2T8G

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Edward W. Bok Academy North

School Hours

Take In Time: 8:30 am 

Start Time: 9:00 am

Dismissal Time:  3:50 pm

Early Dismissal Time: 1:30 pm