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The mission of Lake Wales Charter School is to bring the best of public education to our community by providing innovation and choice within a continuous preschool through postsecondary curriculum so that each child recognizes the benefits of life-long learning, constructive citizenship and personal happiness.

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School Orientation Ad
School Orientation

6th-grade students will meet at Kirkland Gym for a general meeting and to receive their schedules after the general meeting in Kirkland Gym. <a href='https://pngtree.com/free-backgrounds'>free background photos from pngtree.com</a>

Fri Jul 30 04:08 PM

Friday T-Shirt
Friday T-Shirt Sale

On Saturday, July 24th Friday t-shirts will be on sale, for $10.00 each.

Tue Jul 20 09:14 AM

Edgenuity Logo
Edgenuity Summer Courses

If you received a call out or a call from Bok North regarding the summer program please click the link above for move information.

Wed Jun 09 04:30 PM

Device Collection

Device Collection will begin on June 2.

Thu May 20 11:51 AM



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