Questions to ask, if you or your child is being bullied at school.

If you’re unsure if you or your child is being bullied, the following checklist can help. All items must be answered “yes” for behavior to be considered bullying or harassment. If you answer “yes” to all items, please report the behavior immediately.


Did the behavior disrupt the learning environment?


Is there an imbalance in strength or power, or an attempt to create an imbalance?


Did the behavior happen more than once?


Did the incident occur on school property, at a school event, on the school bus, or at the bus stop?

Bullying FAQ

What Is Bullying?

Bullying occurs when one person systematically and chronically inflicts physical injury or psychological distress on another person. It is defined as any unwanted and repeated written, verbal, emotional, or sexual aggression or physical behavior, including any offensive, threatening, insulting, or dehumanizing gesture, by an adult or student, that is severe or pervasive enough to create an intimidating, hostile, or offensive educational environment, cause discomfort or humiliation, or unreasonably interfere with the individual’s school performance or participation. Bullying can also take place online; in those cases, it is called cyberbullying.


What Are The Effects Of Bullying?

Targets of bullying often have academic, health, behavioral and emotional issues.
Bullies are more likely not to follow rules and disrupt school.
Bystanders often feel guilt, stress, and anxiety if nothing is done to address the bullying situation.

Who Should I Contact With Bullying Concerns?

The following document provides contact information for the school district’s bullying prevention social workers. Students, parents, guardians, volunteers, and other concerned individuals with knowledge of bullying incidents should report incidents immediately.


What should parents NOT DO if they suspect their child is a victim of bullying?

Do not ignore the problem.
Do not blame the child.
Do not suggest that the child “fight back.”
Do not confront other students or their parents/caregivers.


How Do I Report Bullying?

To fill out an incident report and submit it. Click Here