State Assessments Information

The following are prohibited (not allowed) during testing:

  • No Bluetooth earbuds.  Wired earbuds are acceptable.
  • No smartwatches.
  • No "Fitbit" style devices; No watches which make sounds; No electronics not allowed on campus on a normal school day.
  • Phones will be turned in during testing.  You may not have them during the exams - they must be out of the room.
  • TI-30A calculators are allowed on select math testing days.  Please check with your math teacher to confirm your calculator is acceptable.

Students who are on campus for testing are to:

  • Wear their Bok uniform.
  • May bring a school jacket to use during testing as some rooms may get chilly.
  • Must bring their school-issued device and charger on testing days.
  • Arrive before 9:00 a.m. on testing days. 


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