State Assessments Information

During the testing dates
6th Graders will report to campus, as usual.
7th and 8th Graders will report to campus on assigned testing days.
On non-testing days, 7th and 8th graders will be completing assignments, on Schoology, from home. 

Only the students testing should be on campus!


The following are prohibited (not allowed) during testing:

  • No Bluetooth earbuds.  Wired earbuds are acceptable.
  • No smartwatches.
  • No "Fitbit" style devices; No watches which make sounds; No electronics not allowed on campus on a normal school day.
  • Phones will be turned in during testing.  You may not have them during the exams - they must be out of the room.
  • TI-30A calculators are allowed on select math testing days.  Please check with your math teacher to confirm your calculator is acceptable.

Students who are on campus for testing are to:

  • Wear their Bok uniform.
  • Masks are mandatory and are worn at all times with the exception of eating lunch or a school-provided snack.
  • May bring a school jacket to use during testing as some rooms may get chilly.
  • Must bring their school-issued device and charger on testing days.
  • Arrive before 9:00 a.m. on testing days. 
  • Temperature checks will be done when the student arrives on campus.
  • Parents must make arrangements with transportation if they have been an online student; call LWCS Transportation at 863-215-8524


Parents may drop their students off on testing days between 7:45 a.m. and 8:30 a.m.
Temperatures will be checked and parents are asked to not leave until the child's temperature has been checked.
Students will report to the assigned location.

Testing Dates

Florida State Assessments


6th - April 6th
7th - April 7th
8th - April 8th



6th - May 3rd & 4th 
7th - May 3rd & 4th 
8th - May 5th & 6th


6th - May 10th & 11th 
7th - May 10th & 11th 
8th - May 12th & 13th


8th - May 17th


Make-Up Dates

Writing - Apr 7th-15th
Reading - May 24th & 25th
Math - May 26th & 27th
Civics - May 20th & 21st 
Science - Jun 1st
Algebra & Geometry - Jun 2nd


Algebra 1:

7th - May 10th & 11th

8th - May 12th 13th



8th - May 12th & 13th



8th - May 17th



7th - May 19th
8th - May 19th

Practice Tests

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