Jennifer Simpson

Science Academic Dean

Please remain standing for a moment of "science" and allow me to introduce Bok North's Science Squad. Meet Seyhan Akca, a brilliant geometry instructor with background in Chemical Engineering. She is putting her expertise to work instructing 7th grade science. Jessica Hall specializes in Earth Sciences. jess is the glue that holds us all together and our calm, voice of reason. She teaches 8th grade science. Pashen Buxton is new to science and my partner in crime for all things 6th grade science. She is energy, spunk, and fun that we love. Last up is me. Science with Simpson. I love all things science but hands down my discipline is Life Science. I teach 6th, 7th, and Biology Honors Science classes. Together we are a dream team and take care of each other. I just wanted you to see the faces of the people that do everyday life with me and give that life to Science with Simpson. 


Pashen Buxton

6th Grade Science


Seyhan Akca

7th Grade Science

Megan Allen

7th & 8th Grade Science


Jessica Hall

8th Grade Science

Kimberly Harwell

7th & 8th Grade Science