Angela Starnes 

Science Academic Dean & 6th and 7th Grade Science Teacher

Please remain standing for a moment of "Science" and allow me to introduce Bok North's Science Squad. Pashen Buxton is our 6th-grade science instructor. She is energetic, full of spunk, and fun which we love. Liz Jordan teaches 6th and 8th grade sciences and has a love for life science. She has a strong foundation in the medical field and is able to strengthen the learning of our students through hands-on learning. Meet Zaria Williams, a brilliant biology instructor. She is also putting her expertise to work instructing 7th-grade science scholars. Miss Gregory is our 7th and 8th grade science teacher. Her young vibrance has added much enthusiasm to the team and the students enjoy her class. Lasta is the amazing leader, Anglea Starnes. Anglea has a background in classical education. She is instructing 6th and 7th-grade science scholars.  Each team member increases the value of our department with their unique talents and interests in the field of science. We are better together and know that the best of Bok North Science is still to come.


Pashen Buxton

6th Grade Science


Zaria Williams

7th Grade Science & Biology

Cortnee Gregory 

7th and 8th Grade Science 



Liz Jordan 

6th and 8th Grade Science